Written by Sean Wright

I notice that so many women complain about the role that they have in their man’s life. But that stems from most not knowing exactly what their role is and what their role entails. What you ladies need to realize is that there are only a few titles that you can hold in a man’s life and they are as follows:

WIFE(Y) - This is the main (and should be the only) woman in his life. She knows about all of his business both legal and illegal (if it applies). She has the luxury of sitting back and kicking her feet up while he tends to all of her needs. She only works if she wants to. She takes care of the home and the children, and she has access to all of his money. She may suspect he is fooling around but won’t jump at every opportunity to accuse him. Instead she will sit back gathering clues and building a rock solid case against him. Once she has compiled all of her evidence and has made arrangements that secures the future of her and the children, she will present the case and smile proudly now that the ball in her court.

SIDE CHICK - The man may have many women that he deals with, but this one is second in command. She knows about his home life and doesn’t care, because often times she gets treated better than the wife. She gets all of his spare money and time. She takes the “business trips” with him. She knows that he has to keep her content so that she will keep her mouth shut. Her main job function is to console him and ease his mind by any means necessary when things at home are not going well. She secretly aspires to one day replace the wife, but little does she know that will never happen. Even if his home ends up being broken, he will never choose the side chick as the wife’s successor because while they have lots of fun together, great sex etc. he has never respected her for dealing with and accepting a man who was already involved with someone else. He actually looks down on her for settling for second place.

THE JUMP OFF - Sadly this applies to the majority of those reading this. Unfortunately you think you are in the running to be his wife or side chick, but nothing could be farther from the truth. No matter how hard you work, no matter how many hoops of fire you jump through, or what lewd sexual acts you perform you are and will ALWAYS be just “something to do” when the wife and side chick are pre-occupied. You are the one who never gets to go anywhere with him. He hardly ever gives you any time and you get almost zero money. Most of his calls come in the wee hours of the morning when he wants that extra sexual stimulation that only you will stoop low enough to administer. If he indulges in any illegal activities, you are the one he sends on “the runs and drops”.  He has no regard for your freedom, feelings or safety. You will never know where he lives, and here’s the kicker; he has given his boys the green light to sleep with you if they can pull it off. Sorry babes, but you are the bottom of the barrel.

So there you have it, the three categories that men put you women in. Now the question is which category do you fit in? This is the part where the harsh reality will set in because most of you have mis-catergorized yourselves for weeks, months, or even years. The jump off thinks she is the side chick, the side chick knows she is more than a jump off and they both think they are going to be wifey. It should also be noted that having a baby with the man DOES NOT increase your status. You just get a “baby momma” tagline added to title you already have. This however does not count for the jump off because there is no way in hell he is going to allow you to have the baby. This will be the most money you ever see from him at one time and it is “supposed” to be used for an abortion. I know it sounds harsh, but I’m just keeping it real. Now because he has such stronger feelings for the side chick, he may allow you to keep the baby, but you know the consequences if you ever breath a word of it to anybody, so you won’t.

It’s sad to say, but there are so many of you that are not in the wife position, yet you are satisfied with being right where you are. It’s sort of confusing because while you bitch, moan, and complain about it you still don’t go anywhere and he knows you are not going anywhere. As far as the wife goes, she is just as at fault because most of the time she sees signs of infidelity and turns a blind eye to it. Ya'll ladies really need to LEVEL UP!