Written by Sean Wright

What ever happened to the days when the word love meant something? When being loyal, faithful, and honest were virtues that were instilled in you from birth. Good wholesome values were passed down from one generation to another, and everybody modeled their blessed union after Nana & Pop-Pop’s 300 year old courtship? I’ll tell you what happened……THE DAMN INTERNET!!

            Chill out…let me explain. You see back in the day (pre-internet) a man or woman had to be really slick and have a lot of time on their hands if they were gonna tip out (O.G. term for fuckin around) on their significant other. Back then your loved one kept tabs on you like your favorite bartender so sneaking out to the local hot spot to indulge in extra-marital fun time was hard as hell to do. Back then you had to lie about where you were going, and who you were going with. Your lies had to be on point and well rehearsed because one slip of the lip was gonna get somebody’s ass beat. So you see back then homes pretty much stayed happy for the most part. I mean let’s keep it 100, some people just had no shame, and no game so they was just flagrantly fouling every time somebody came through the hole (pun intended). And then it happened….AOL more commonly known as America On Line which should have been called Ass On Line.

            Suddenly there was an apparatus that would allow you to connect to millions of people without ever having to leaving your home. (Shout out to Steve Case, Jim Kinsey, and Marc Seriff) Although it would take 178 lifetimes to connect and your home phone would ring busy for days, AOL was the shit. I remember when my mom’s first got it for the crib, my siblings and I would always argue and fight for On-Line time. AOL had this feature called “Chat rooms” where you could go and hang out and text back and forth with strangers for hours. It was then that the dating game changed for me. At 22 years old I literally had hoes in different area codes. My Instant Messenger stayed poppin all hours of the night. I had bagged chicks in L.A, New York, Miami, Germany, London, Japan. You couldn’t tell me shit; once I got the hang of how it worked and got my Cyber Mack Game down I was cyber sexting the night away with total strangers and loving every bit of it. However; this soon became primitive and boring as I could only talk on the phone, and chat on line with a faceless stranger.  It was fun while it lasted…but I needed more. 

           But life as we know it is forever evolving; so then came Social Media sites like Black Planet who had taken what AOL had done to the next level. Now you could do all the same things BUT you could upload pictures. You could now see still pictures of whoever you were chatting with, you could now put a face to the text and this made chatting on line even more exciting.  Through the years there were many Social Media sites that emerged, each being an upgrade from the other but there were none like Facebook, and Instagram.  These two sites put access to men and women at the end of your fingertips. No longer do you have to go a club or gathering place to see some eye candy. Now all you have to do is log on and BOOM! There is enough temptation there to make anyone’s mouth water.  Half naked women bearing all for the world to see, and men sending d*ck picks a mile a minute to entice women who may not be getting that kind of beefcake at home. Me myself, I save a bunch of money now by staying home instead of going out to the clubs. Why do that when I could stay home for free, wait for the woman to come home from the club, and log on looking for ways to extend their night.  

            So now you have this over abundance of titties, ass, and d*cks in the palm of your hand. Your significant other is none the wiser as you sit there pretending to be sending an e-mail or texting a “friend” meanwhile you are actually setting up a secret fuck fest with at least one (if not more) of the people on your friend’s list.  So as you can see infidelity is literally at your fingertips. Inboxes, Dm’s, Secret Messages, Codes, etc. this is why cheating is at an all time high in my opinion. It just makes it too easy to reach out and touch someone that you would have otherwise never met a day in your life.  I can chat with, hook up and connect with women from all walks of life. I am a single man, but if I wasn’t I would be like a kid in a candy store. Going to Miami on business? Let me DM so and so and see what she is doing while I’m in her town. So and So posted that she is in my town? Let me hit her up and see if she can get away for dinner and um….dessert. More times than not this method is very successful. Now I’m not saying ALL people on social media cheat. I’m simply saying it makes it tempting and easier to do so. So to all the Facebook pimps, Instagram Groupies, and Tinder Ronies, look before you leap and remember above all Karma is a bitch that many people are cool with. Trust me “It really does go down in the DM.”