LEVEL UP: One on One With Erica Meadows

Superwoman doesn't always wear a cape, and Erica Meadows is living proof. You see things were going great for Erica, she had a job that she loved, but there was something she loved even more that required her attention; her sons. Erica chose to leave a good job to stay home and care for her eldest son and newborn baby. And while tending to the needs of her family, Erica decided to venture into a business of her own. So in between making bottles, changing diapers & raising a 14 year old, Erica continues to work on taking her business to new heights. Her courage, strength, and faith to leave a well paying job to stay home with her children, while starting and running a new business is why Erica is the first person to be featured in our "Level Up" section. Because if all of the aforementioned accolades don't show you that she’s truly leveled up...nothing will.

Levelz Digital - Welcome to Levelz Digital Erica! Tell our readers a little about yourself.

Erica Meadows - My name is Erica Meadows and I am from Michigan. After over a decade of single parenting, I recently traded in my hospital scrubs for those everyday stay at home mom yoga pants and became what some might call a “Mompreneur”. I have two sons who are pretty far apart in age. Logan, 15 years old, and Weston, 15 months old. After years of the single mom work hustle I am embarking on a new journey of my raising my boys and working my own business from home.

Levelz Digital - You are the first person to ever be interviewed in our “Level Up” section. We chose you because you have a very inspiring story to tell. What was it like having a child at 19 years old and being a single mom at 21?

Erica Meadows - It is a huge honor to be the first person to be interviewed on here. Thank you for finding my story inspiring it truly means so much to hear that. Being a single mom at such a young age was definitely challenging. Somedays those adorable little humans we create can seem like giant monsters! Turning your clean home into what looks like a mini tornado went through it in a matter of minutes. But I think most parents can agree that whether you’re parenting alone or with someone else it’s huge job. Not only do you have someone who depends on you entirely, but it’s up to you to make sure you teach them important life lessons, and moral values, to shape them into being a kind person with good intentions. I was determined then, and still am to do that for both of my boys. Along with giving them all the love and support that they deserve. That is what keeps me going everyday in the right direction and never giving up. They are the motivation in my life. I will say that a teenager and a toddler at the same time even in my 30’s, now that is a whole different kind of challenge! 

Levelz Digital - That had to be a scary time for you. Was there ever a moment you thought you couldn’t do it?

Erica Meadows - Absolutely. If I’m completely honest there were several moments. I just knew in my heart that I had to do and be, the very best that I could, to give my son a great and happy life. In my opinion, there isn’t any love comparable to a parent’s love for their children. With that deep love, staying positive, and being surrounded by the right people, you can accomplish big things! The key is to just never give up. Keep pushing forward through the good times and the bad. Those times are what make us who we are, you just have to keep pushing forward. 

Levelz Digital - How old were you when you got into the medical field? Was that something you always wanted to do or was it just something to generate income for you & your son?

Erica Meadows - I was 21 when I got into the medical field. When I was a younger, I had thoughts of possibly getting into nursing but in my teenage years I decided I wanted to get into fashion. I actually wanted to attend college to become a fashion merchandiser. However, things did change once I had my son at such a young age. With the medical field being a higher demanding job, it was a better choice to be able to support the two of us. I am so glad that it worked out that way though. It taught me so much about myself and my ability to help others. I was helping people in ways I never knew I was capable of doing. Learning so much from everyone that crossed my path. Everyone has a different background and story of their own. It really teaches you to appreciate life hearing about the experiences from others. 

Levelz Digital - You have a bright personality and kind nature. I bet your co-workers & patients really enjoyed having you there.

Erica Meadows - Thank you! I like to think that they did. I know when to be serious but I’m also a little bit of a goofball. When I was at work no matter what was going on in my life or how my day was going somehow, I was always able to shut it off and concentrate on what was in front of me. So, if my patient or co-workers ever needed a good laugh, a set of ears to listen to their frustrations, or even a shoulder, I never hesitated.  When I left the hospital, I left with what started off as co-workers, but turned into friendships that are so important to me now and will last forever. Being in a world filled with social media I can keep in contact with so many of them without seeing them every week and I am glad I can do that.

Levelz Digital - If you had to describe yourself in 3 words, what would they be?

Erica Meadows - Outgoing, Independent, and Genuine

Levelz Digital - After 12 years of thriving in the health care profession, you gave birth to another beautiful baby. Was it an easy decision to walk away from your job to become a full time mom at home?

Erica Meadows - Yes and no. I knew that I wanted to stay home and take care of my boys, that is my top priority, but I do miss my “work family” along with meeting and taking care of patients. Since I am a little bit of a social butterfly at times, I miss all the conversations, meeting so many interesting people, and learning from it all.

Levelz Digital - Stay at home moms don’t get enough credit. That’s one of the hardest jobs ever. Was it a big adjustment staying home after so many years at work?

Erica Meadows - My son is almost 15 months and I will say that I am still adjusting to it. I worked 12-hour shifts at the hospital 3-4 days a week. I would be gone for about 14 ½ hours on my workdays. Now I’m almost always home and I do miss not having as much interaction with other people. But I know how lucky I am to be able to be home, so when the mommy days are tough, and I am exhausted I just continue to remind myself that.

Levelz Digital - While being a full time mom you stumbled into something that really got your attention. A skincare company called Rodan and Fields. Tell us about it and how you got involved.

Erica Meadows - I had already known about the company and in fact about 5 years ago when I was working at the hospital I became an independent consultant. I decided I had too much on my plate at that time and decided it wasn’t a good fit for me. Randomly my now sponsor and business partner, invited me out to one of the monthly meetings for other consultants and guests, to hear about the company. She never thought I would be interested in joining again, neither did I, but knew I needed a little mommy time out of the house. That and the glass of red wine with my name on it was exactly why I decided to go. Then I listened to the other consultants’ experiences with the company and saw the results from the products. I knew right away I definitely wanted to purchase and use the products, but after a couple days of thinking about everything that I learned that night and of the possibilities with the company, it helped with my decision. Not only could I bring in another source of extra income, but I could be part of such a positive and supportive company. So, I thought why not give it a try. Since rejoining I have met so many positive and inspirational people. The Rodan and Fields community is something I needed and didn’t even realize it at the time. 

Levelz Digital - So now you’re actually a part of the Rodan and Fields skincare family. We hear good things about their products, tell us about them.

Erica Meadows - The company creates dermatology-inspired, clinically tested skincare Regimens that deliver visible results and was founded by two Standford trained dermatologists, Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields – you might know them as they also founded Proactive (which they have since sold). They wanted to bring clinic-quality products into the home since so few people have access to a dermatologist and developed their Multi-Med Therapy approach to make skincare easy – the right ingredients, in the right formulations, in the right order. These Regimens address several skin issues for a variety of skin concerns. From improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, to sensitive skin, dull dehydrated skin, or dark spots and uneven skin tone. Whatever it might be they have something to help. Along with their Regimens, they also have their Essentials line which includes products such as Instant Makeup Remover Wipes, Daily Body Moisturizer, and Foaming Sunless Tan as well as a Dermacosmetics line for products like the Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid, a tinted, oil-free liquid for a more radiant, healthy looking complexion. Another great line R+F has is Enhancements which includes two of my must have products, Active Hydration Serum and Lash Boost. There are several products other than those I haven’t mentioned so I encourage anyone interested in improving their skin to check them all out. All the products have a 60-Day money back guarantee so if you aren’t satisfied in your results you can send them back for a full refund of the products purchased (excluding shipping charges). That’s where having an independent consultant benefits you. You can reach out to them and ask for advice, or what other product recommendations they have to help you with the changes that you are trying to accomplish with your skin for a fully personalized experience. 

Levelz Digital - With you being an “independent consultant” for the company, what is required of you?

Erica Meadows - As an Independent Consultant we do have some requirements when we join as far as what kind of business portfolio or business kit we choose to start up with. There are several choices in doing that. We are not required to keep any inventory or purchase any samples. After you make the decision to be a part of this company it’s up to you what you decide to do with it. This opportunity isn’t just for stay at home moms like myself, there are many consultants who have very successful careers but also choose to do this as well. How much effort you put into your business will determine how much you get out of it. There are great incentives and rewards through the company that you can reach. I have my goals every month that I make sure I achieve, and I have my long-term goals for my business as well. 

Levelz Digital - Is this something you can see yourself being a part of for a while?

Erica Meadows - Yes definitely. Being a part of this company has given me so much. Great skincare, new friendships, and another way to help people. Coming from someone who struggled with adult acne myself I know that having skin that you are uncomfortable in, or are unhappy with, can not only affect you on the outside but also the confidence about yourself on the inside. I want to continue to share these products and grow my business.


Levelz Digital - What’s the best part about being involved with Rodan and Fields skincare? And what’s the worst part?

Erica Meadows - The best part is that I work on my own time from the comfort of my own home, or even my phone if I’m out and about. I make my own hours, fit in calls, messages, emails etc. when my teenager is off at school and the baby is napping. I work while they’re around as well, but I like to make sure my customers have my full attention so sometimes after they are in bed works out well too. Probably the worst part is the negative opinions people might have about Multi-level marketing companies. Unless they know someone who is successful in an MLM company, or already an avid lover of the products being sold, many people are skeptical of our model and even our products. That’s one of the reasons I am always sending out samples and putting on events where you have the possibility to win products, so that they can see for themselves what these products can do for them.

Levelz Digital - It seems that things have fallen into place for you Erica. You have a beautiful family, a new business and a product that you firmly stand by. What’s next for you?

Erica Meadows - Thank you so much. Right now, I’m pretty content where I’m at so I won’t be making any big life changes any time soon. With that being said, I do plan to continue to grow my business and show both my children, especially my older son who is at such an influential age, that if you work hard at achieving your goals you can succeed.

Levelz Digital - Thanks for talking with us, we wish you nothing but happiness and success in your endeavors. Got any shout outs?

Erica Meadows - You’re welcome and thank you for being interested in sharing my story. I would love to give some shout outs! My boys Logan and Weston, I love you guys so much! Adam thank you for always having my back, supporting my decision to stay home with our boys, and starting my own business, I love you. Hasan, thank you for this opportunity, you are beyond inspiring and I am so grateful to know you. Mom, thank you for believing in me and helping me become the strong-willed person I am today, I love you. Levelz Digital l can’t thank you enough for everything and letting me be a part of level up. Lastly, I’d like to shout out the man on the cover who I was lucky enough to have my name on there with him. Post Malone, my absolute favorite, you played in Detroit on my birthday and it was the best birthday yet!

Levelz Digital - If our readers are interested in trying some of your products, where can they find it?

Erica Meadows - The products are available on the Rodan and Fields website which is Every customer has a consultant that will give them guidance on their skincare goals. They can find an Independent Consultant, like myself, by searching a specific person’s name, their location, or choose to be matched to one.